Who are the team behind Fiveway Apartments?

We are publishing a series of articles which answer questions we have been asked by guests over the last year. Here is the second one.

Who are the team behind Fiveway Apartments?

Sally your Customer Advocate
The person you are most likely to have contact with is Sally.

Customer Advocate

Sally is our customer advocate. She runs our operation to ensure you have the best possible experience when you stay with us. Sally is passionate about bringing improvements and investments to Tor Bay. She is an active member of the Paignton Chamber of Commerce . She hosts the Late Breakfast Networking group in Paignton and attends many other local networking groups.
Sally has a passion for helping people to get the most out of themselves, both in business and life. Sally has over 15 years in sales, mainly, travel and property. She has managed teams in large organisations. She also had a successful career in teaching in which mentoring and coaching colleagues was a key  part of her managerial post.

When Sally is not ensuring the operation is running as smoothly as possible, she is winning awards from the Property Investors Network. the Lynda Reddington Award for Bring Out The Best In Others.


Values are a key part of what we do at Fiveway Apartments and Sally’s key values are honesty, freedom , fun and make a difference.

Right People In The Right Roles

To ensure we have the right people in the right roles we use Wealth Dynamics to profile our key members. Sally is a Deal Maker. Dealmakers are naturally great communicators, influencers and negotiators
They have a great sense of timing. They may not understand their limits or how to best capitalise on their unique abilities, and may not believe deal making to be a credible way to build wealth.

To find out more about Wealth Dynamics click here http://bit.ly/2FlUBiC

Kevin and Sally now run a very successful property investment business and are hosts of the Devon Property Investors Network ( pin ) meeting., www.pinmeeting.co.uk.devon

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