Who are the team behind Fiveway Apartments?


Meet our Numbers Controller

Every successful business needs to understand and control the numbers. It is even more important in the hospitality business when you are in a seasonal business to have tight control. This is why Bernadette is on the team our Lord of the numbers and the detail.

Past Career

Bernadette has built a number of businesses in IT and property over the past 20 years. With a passion for detail she is very capable of driving the growth of a business. Over the past 10 years Bernadette focused on building a successful property portfolio across England and Wales specialising in providing high end accommodation for professional sharers. Now, building on this success and experience, Bernadette has diversified into Serviced Accommodation and Commercial to Residential Developments
Running her own businesses has given Bernadette a great sense of freedom. “It is an amazing feeling to be able to work when and where you want. Importantly, it gave me the time and flexibility to spend time with my daughter as she goes through her teenage years”.
Living in the stunning Brecon Beacons Bernadette, with husband Ian and two dogs, loves walking and experiencing the mountains and scenery, whatever the time of year!

Right people, right roles

A successful coach and mentor, Bernadette is passionate about helping others to succeed in their property journey in an ever changing and challenging environment.
To ensure we have the right people in the right roles we use Wealth Dynamics to profile our key members. Bernadette is a Lord. Lords are rarely seen.
They are often in control of natural resources and man made structures. They act slowly and certainly, which frustrates many around them.
Lords love the detail, and are renowned for their thrift
Introvert Lords value numbers over people
Lords don’t have time for politics or niceties. They would rather deal with simple legwork than fancy footwork.
Lords love certainty and hate risk
To find out more about Wealth Dynamics click here http://bit.ly/2FlUBiC

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