Exciting New Service to make your stay even more relaxing

Are you looking forward to a self catering break but worried that there may not be the availability in the restaurants when you come down to stay ?

Does the thought of cooking while on holiday put you off self catering ?

Why not have the best of both worlds?

Working with local based chefs , Chefs Etc we are very excited to offer a unique in house dining experience at Fiveway Apartments.

You can book our very own chef to come to your apartment and cook your three course meal, from a set menu just for you. If you give us 72 hours notice we can amend the menu to your choice . Vegan and vegetarian options are also available on request. All the produce is cooked from local suppliers.

The only thing we can’t provide yet is the wine, so don’t forget to bring a bottle or two.

Email us at info@fivewayapartments.co.uk before you arrive or book when you arrive via our tablets in the apartments.

Local food cooked especially for you


What does split level apartment mean ?

Continuing on in our series of blogs answering questions we get asked –  what does split level man ?

Split level apartment

Split level apartment Door out to the courtyard

Two of our apartments , the Meadfoot and Watcombe are what we call split level apartment. These are the dog welcoming apartments.
If you want a visual tour / explanation click on the link here and take a virtual walk-through actual pictures of the apartments


You enter the apartment from the main door off the street then via the double bedroom . which is where the video tour starts . You  then go down the stairs to the living area. This is where you will find the kitchen, living area and access to the courtyard. Especially handy if you have brought your dog with you. In the cupboard under the stairs you will find a few extras to make your dog’s stay even more comfortable. We have a dog’s bed, bowl, micro fibre towel and a few toys.

Hope this helps


We often get asked do you take dogs ?

Yes we do .






We are not best the people to tell you about what we offer so let me introduce you to Dylan and Whiskie

Hi , we are Dylan and Whiskie and our carers (who like to think of themselves as our owners!) are the owners of the apartments you will be staying in.
Firstly, congratulations on a great choice. There is loads of open space and plenty of opportunities to go for walks and swim in the sea. We really enjoy taking our carers for a long walk along the seafront and chasing a few balls into the sea. We can go on the beach between October and April but in the summer it is a very short walk to Goodrington beach where we are welcome all year.

Just a few tips before you set off from home.

Make sure they bring YOUR stuff as well as theirs. Don’t you find it frustrating when they’ve forgotten your blanket, food dish, favourite ball or, the worse possible scenario, your food!! Yes, it has happened and then we have to settle for some poor substitute … Not here though, we have educated our carers and they provide a bed for us, a food dish, a nice microfibre towel to wipe us down when we have been outside or in the sea, providing they have booked the Meadfoot or Watcombe apartments. Check the apartment here https://www.fivewayapartments.co.uk/meadfoot/

There is a bit of formal stuff … stay with me here as this is important for your fellow pooches who will follow in the future.

Here are the rules we need to comply with:
– Ensure all your mess is cleaned up and deposited in the bin
– If you’re wet then get dried off before you enter the apartments
– Don’t get up on the furniture (this really annoys the cleaners)
– Don’t go in the bedroom
– Keep the noise down. We all like a bit of bark now and then but there are other guests who may not appreciate it
– I know you won’t do this, but no chewing anything you’re not supposed to … otherwise you’ll get told off and you’ll have to pay for it!

Your carers will be charges a small fee for us to stay, no where near a s much as they have to pay ! The really great news is some of that money goes to help some of our less fortunate friends who would be homeless if it was not for Animals in Distress . See their web site for the amzing work they do at https://animalsindistress.uk.com/

Paignton is a great dog friendly location and you will find that you will be allowed into many of the cafes and restaurants … you may even get a few treats, the Shoreline by the Vue cinema is great for this With great walks, lots to do and many attractions we’re sure you’re going to have a wonderful time.

Have a great stay.


Dylan and Whiskie 




Dogs helping dogs

Helping a less fortunate dog.

At Fiveway Apartments we have two dog welcoming apartments . We recognise not all dogs are lucky enough to be taken on holiday with their owners . We are really excited to announce we are supporting Animals in Distress, a South Devon charity. Animals in Distress has been finding new , forever homes for tens of thousands of homeless dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs from across South Devon since 1981. They care for up to 25 dogs at any one time with an average waiting list of 20 in need of their help. A dog stays on average for 3 months. They have a very high success rate in rehoming dogs. It is great to be helping them to realise their plans to build a new kennel This will allow them to home and rehome 30% more dogs.

Many of the dogs that go to Animals in Distress have health and behavioural problems. They haven’t had the best start in life or have received the best care so can be nervous or scared. The new kennels with help to minimise the stress which will enable the dogs to settle quickly and recover while they find homes for them.

How we are helping.

When your dog stays with you we make a small charge to you , our guest ,, to cover our additional cleaning costs. We will be passing  on some of that charge to Animals in Distress.

This will help them to take a few steps closer to their goal of the new kennels and being able to help even more dogs.

To find out more of what Animals in Distress  do please go to: –






And last but not least

And last but not least our leader and project manager.

Every organisation needs someone who is going to make sure things get done in a timely fashion. This is Kevin’s role. He is also responsible for the marketing of the business.

Past Career

After the Corporate world decided they no longer wanted his services, Kevin decided he didn’t want the corporate world either.

Kevin was an IT Project Manager with Woolworths, remember them ?
He decided to invest in his personal development and joined Simon Zutshi’s Property Mastermind Foundation course. He saw the opportunities available to us and embarked on his Mastermind Programme. This focused his investment activities.


Values are a key part of what we do at Fiveway Apartments and Kevin’s key values are honesty, freedom, fun , security and make a difference.

Right People Right Roles

To ensure we have the right people in the right roles we use Wealth Dynamics to profile our key members. Kevin is an accumulator.
The Accumulator is the safest profile
They rely on a system to achieve incremental wealth growth
Many see accumulators as indecisive and procrastinators
And they often go unnoticed.
Accumulators are steady and dependable
They rarely act on impulse and fail if they have not set the criteria to take action. Often accused of procrastinating, they simply need more data to make an informed decision.
Once Accumulators connect to the right team they can quickly be lifted while keeping the team grounded.
They ensure that everything is in order and that what needs to get done gets done on time. Successful Accumulators are happy to remain down-to-earth, holding the kite strings while others fly high.
To find out more about Wealth Dynamics click here http://bit.ly/2FlUBiC

Kevin and Sally now run a very successful property investment business and are hosts of the Devon Property Investors Network ( pin ) meeting. https://propertyinvestorsnetwork.co.uk/meetings/devon/


Who are the team behind Fiveway Apartments?


Meet our Numbers Controller

Every successful business needs to understand and control the numbers. It is even more important in the hospitality business when you are in a seasonal business to have tight control. This is why Bernadette is on the team our Lord of the numbers and the detail.

Past Career

Bernadette has built a number of businesses in IT and property over the past 20 years. With a passion for detail she is very capable of driving the growth of a business. Over the past 10 years Bernadette focused on building a successful property portfolio across England and Wales specialising in providing high end accommodation for professional sharers. Now, building on this success and experience, Bernadette has diversified into Serviced Accommodation and Commercial to Residential Developments
Running her own businesses has given Bernadette a great sense of freedom. “It is an amazing feeling to be able to work when and where you want. Importantly, it gave me the time and flexibility to spend time with my daughter as she goes through her teenage years”.
Living in the stunning Brecon Beacons Bernadette, with husband Ian and two dogs, loves walking and experiencing the mountains and scenery, whatever the time of year!

Right people, right roles

A successful coach and mentor, Bernadette is passionate about helping others to succeed in their property journey in an ever changing and challenging environment.
To ensure we have the right people in the right roles we use Wealth Dynamics to profile our key members. Bernadette is a Lord. Lords are rarely seen.
They are often in control of natural resources and man made structures. They act slowly and certainly, which frustrates many around them.
Lords love the detail, and are renowned for their thrift
Introvert Lords value numbers over people
Lords don’t have time for politics or niceties. They would rather deal with simple legwork than fancy footwork.
Lords love certainty and hate risk
To find out more about Wealth Dynamics click here http://bit.ly/2FlUBiC


Who are the team behind Fiveway Apartments

We are always looking to improve

Every successful business must continually improve if they are to stay in business. At Fiveway we do not just want to stay in business we want to be the go to place you choose to stay if you are looking for a short break in U.K.
Ian is our Continuous Improvement Guru. He constantly reviews our guests feedback and implements improvements wherever possible.
Ian has been a property investor and coach for over 10 years. He lives with his family and 2 dogs in the beautiful Brecon Beacons in Wales.

Past career

Prior to property Ian had a successful career in corporate IT working for many of the blue chip IT companies where he gained experience in many large, complex global infrastructure projects. Through this work he acquired some key business skills in people, project and problem management that he has been able to transfer to the world of property and hospitality.
With a portfolio across the UK, Ian has gained experience of various environments and their specific needs. Over the past few years Ian has been focused on the South Wales market where he has become an expert in shared housing (HMO’s) and built a successful portfolio. More recently Ian has moved onto other strategies including Serviced Accommodation and Commercial to Residential conversions.
Ian has a particular interest in personal development and mindset and is a supporter of the theory that most people’s challenges lie with mindset rather than knowledge.

Right people in the right roles

To ensure we have the right people in the right roles we use Wealth Dynamics to profile our key members. Ian is a Mechanic. A mechanic has the ability to control and manage people
This is without necessarily having any charismatic leadership qualities. Mechanics endure and tend to rely on duplication and replication, and love to challenge the status quo.

Mechanics may get caught up in the detail
This can be at the expense of the big picture

Mechanics are great at finishing things
They are perfectionists, which is why they cannot resist finding ways to do things better.
They get hands-on with their systems and prefer to study how to improve things with their hands dirty. As a result, they have little interest in impressing with or indulging in their appearance.

Most Mechanics have companies with better systems than their competitors
However, they have not leveraged these systems with stronger products produced by others, or their business is limited by their autocratic management style and high staff turnover.

Successful mechanics remain hands-on
They continue fine-tuning their systems long after they have delegated many other areas of their business. This is where they see the greatest results, and where they gain the most satisfaction.
To find out more about Wealth Dynamics click here http://bit.ly/2FlUBiC



Who are the team behind Fiveway Apartments?

We are publishing a series of articles which answer questions we have been asked by guests over the last year. Here is the second one.

Who are the team behind Fiveway Apartments?

Sally your Customer Advocate
The person you are most likely to have contact with is Sally.

Customer Advocate

Sally is our customer advocate. She runs our operation to ensure you have the best possible experience when you stay with us. Sally is passionate about bringing improvements and investments to Tor Bay. She is an active member of the Paignton Chamber of Commerce . She hosts the Late Breakfast Networking group in Paignton and attends many other local networking groups.
Sally has a passion for helping people to get the most out of themselves, both in business and life. Sally has over 15 years in sales, mainly, travel and property. She has managed teams in large organisations. She also had a successful career in teaching in which mentoring and coaching colleagues was a key  part of her managerial post.

When Sally is not ensuring the operation is running as smoothly as possible, she is winning awards from the Property Investors Network. the Lynda Reddington Award for Bring Out The Best In Others.


Values are a key part of what we do at Fiveway Apartments and Sally’s key values are honesty, freedom , fun and make a difference.

Right People In The Right Roles

To ensure we have the right people in the right roles we use Wealth Dynamics to profile our key members. Sally is a Deal Maker. Dealmakers are naturally great communicators, influencers and negotiators
They have a great sense of timing. They may not understand their limits or how to best capitalise on their unique abilities, and may not believe deal making to be a credible way to build wealth.

To find out more about Wealth Dynamics click here http://bit.ly/2FlUBiC

Kevin and Sally now run a very successful property investment business and are hosts of the Devon Property Investors Network ( pin ) meeting., www.pinmeeting.co.uk.devon